On January 3rd 2009, an anomaly in space time sent out unprecedented waves of energy, disrupting the quantum field that holds the Metaverse in balance. Portals began malfunctioning, trapping objects, living beings, and entire Realms into a state of quantum-superposition - stuck between the physical and the digital, neither here nor there.

Engineers in the Heliotrope District of the Metropolis developed 5,000 QuantPods to maintain the portal fields, while they figured out how to recover all that was trapped. The QuantPods are set to run out of energy by the date on the outside of the vessel and must be docked to recharge.

Recent innovations indicate that upon docking, the engineers will be able to collapse the quantum fields contained inside, releasing a plethora of valuable in-game items, creatures and even entire microverses.

Enter QuantPod.X