BECOME A FORCE FOR GOOD by playing and building in Realm

Our Mission

To create a positive impact that uplifts our community and the world at large, to regenerate our home planet, and to create world class products

Make the world a better place by simply playing in Realm, through our impact initiatives

Our Impact Partners


We connect the physical
and digital planes in never-before-seen ways

Pull trash from the sea in the Metaverse? We’ll do the same in the real oceans.

Decorate your underwater Realm with corals, and we’ll restore critical coral habitats.

Connect your realms to the causes that you care about most - and create real impact.
Amaranth Seed

Realm, the People’s Metaverse

Realm aims to become a force for good globally, and these ethics are baked into every design.

Your data is yours to monetise as you see fit.

You have control over who has access to your contribution.

Realm is open and accessible for everyone to join.
Heliotrope Seed

Planting seeds in your Realm Microverse

"The Last Tree" is the source of life in the Metaverse. Collect its seed and plant them in your Realm to provide food for your Avatar and Realmies

Every time you plant a tree in Realm, a tree will be planted for you in real life.

Together we will build the world we want to live in, first in Realm, and then on Earth.
Vanta Seed

Start planting trees with Realm

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